Indulge in heartwarming and luxurious artisanal truffle chocolates

Caffeinees Group launches Truffle Chocolate Malaysia


Minimalistic yet decadently delicious and slightly sinful, Caffeinees Group new handcrafted truffle nama chocolates has been a passion project come to life.


The silky and creamy artisanal chocolates are made with carefully sourced premium Italian truffles, 80% local dark chocolate cocoa and topped with pure 24-karat edible gold leaves. Handmade daily in limited quantities, each bite of the truffle flavored solid chocolate ganache coated with cocoa powder is richly satisfying as it melts in your mouth.


The idea and story of creating a new brand of luxury chocolates started during the Covid-19 pandemic and movement control order (MCO) last year when strict safety, dining-in measures and travel restrictions were in place. During one occasion, the founder of Caffeinees Group wanted to do something extra special for one of their VIPs upcoming birthday and asked their chef to surprise them with a unique and different dish exclusively crafted for their important guest and friend – the thought behind it was to give their guest a wonderful and memorable meal in times like these that they can enjoy and forget any worries at that moment.


This was how the truffle nama chocolates was born where everyone who had a taste was yearning for more of the lux chocolate that it soon became a special dish on its own to surprise their guest with.


The team who has always been driven by the ‘Kaizen’ spirit, the art of continuous improvement in Japanese culture – focused to perfecting this one-of-a-kind truffle nama chocolate made with a singular focus on the one thing that truly matters, flavor.

It has grown to become a perfect gift to send on any occasions to loved ones and friends who appreciate luxury handcrafted chocolates made by local artisans – a gift that shows how important they are in your life.


All the coco are sustainably sourced from only the top of Malaysia’s cacao crops from farmers who share the same passion about quality and craftsmanship – so that you may enjoy the true deep flavors and complex characteristics of the natural cacao. This is also part of Truffle Chocolate Malaysia’s vision to be recognized internationally as the top truffle chocolate makers and to promote Made in Malaysia products.


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Truffle Chocolate Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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No. 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.


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